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STEP1: The Two Main Anti-Aging Mechanisms of Action

We can divide anti-aging methods into two main categories:


  1. Tissue bio-stimulation using non-invasive energy

    • The goal is to activate fibroblast cells for new collagen formation. This process is usually very safe and without complications or after-operation inflammations. PLEXR SHOWER is classified in this category.

  2. Tissue regeneration using ablative energy 

    • Removing aged/dysfunctional tissue partially by causing a controlled wound. This will activate the healing process. Tissue healing (Wound healing) refers to the body's replacement of destroyed tissue with living tissue. Here we use higher energy, focus, and concentration. PLEXR plasma skin removal and tissue coagulation are examples ​of this method.



On the other side, Plasma is not energy, it is a state of matter which hold tremendous energy. This state of matter so called Plasma, on the other side is incredibly unsustainable. Under the pressure of an arch, an electron leaves Nitrogen's last orbit. The Electron will return to its orbit immediately and releases huge energy. This is what causes tissue sublimation. 

Laser works based on photo-thermo-vaporization. In this process, the tissue absorbs the light energy of the laser and turns it to heat. The heat raises the intracellular water temperature to the boiling point. Therefore the water turns to steam inside the cell. Steam has more volume and this blow up the cell we call vaporization. In this process, the tissue temperature can raise up to 350 degrees.

STEP2: Why is PLEXR the safer & more efficient choice?

The deeper the energy penetrates, the more thermal damage we get!

Deep Thermal Damage Following Fractional Laser
Screenshot 2022-12-19 160609_edited.jpg

The ratio of Ablated tissue to the thermal damaged tissue is low, this means the tissue needs to wait for a long time to heal properly.

Huge Thermal Damage Following Radiofrequency
RF wound_edited.jpg

Because Radiofrequency penetrates like a wave, it will cause a bigger deeper wound rather to Lasers. If you use an RF drive Plasma Pen, this is what happens in tissue level.

Minimal Thermal Effect By Plexr Plasma
Screenshot 2022-12-19 165545_edited.jpg

With Plexr Pure Plasma there is no RF or Laser, The energy stays outside of the skin, therefore the thermal damage is very low. It removes more tissue with no unwanted side damage.

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